• Brewseum in a Box

        • Platform Beer Co.
          4125 Lorain Avenue
          Cleveland 44113
        • Saucy Brew Works
          2885 Detroit Ave
          Cleveland 44113
          123 Anywhere Rd
          Anywhere 00000
      As our final night event, Weve gathered a broad range of craft beer styles and flavors for you to open your pallet to new beer experiences. All orders will receive a Cleveland Beer Week tasting glass. "Ticket" includes a 12 pack delivered directly to your home along with a virtual event on Friday October 30 with video, information, and entertainment. Hold a small house party and order two boxes to expand your taste experience! Orders must be received by October 16!
      • Bell's
      • Blakes Cider
      • Boss Dog Brewing
      • Butcher and the Brewer
      • Champion Brewing
      • Duck-Rabbit Craft Brewery
      • Fat Heads
      • Hi-Wire Brewing
      • Humble Forager Brewing
      • Masthead Brewing Co.
      • Noble Beast
      • Odd Side Ales
      • Perennial Artisan Ales
      • R. Shea Brewing Co.
      • Royal Docks Brewing Co.
      • Sierra Nevada
      • Single Cut
      • Southern Tier
      • Tafts Brewing Co.
      • Toppling Goliath Brewing Co.
      • Two Roads Brewing
      • Untitled Art Brewing
      • Weyerbacher
      • Working Class Brewery
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