• This American Beer: cancelled

        • Market Garden Brewery
          1947 West 25th Street
          Cleveland 44113
      This American Beer: combining storytelling and craft beer Hosted by Beer Women RockTuesday 10/22 at Market Garden Brewery Doors at 6, event starts at 6:30 Tickets $40- all proceeds benefit the Jimmy Malone Scholarship Fundcapacity- 54 people - so get tickets before they are gone!Beer List:-Bells: Amber-Dogfish Head: Midas Touch-Fat Heads: Trail Head-Founders: Dirty Bastard-Great Lakes: Edmund Fitzgerald-Madtree: Psychopathy-Market Garden: Prosperity Wheat-Rhinegeist: BubblesJoin us for a night of beer and storytelling with the ladies of BWR. You will travel around the room, spending 10 minutes with each brewery rep to learn the stories of some of your favorite beers and breweries. There will be a prize raffle and BWR swag for sale. Your ticket will get you 8 5oz pours, 4 small bite food pairings courtesy of MGB & 3 local women owned business, and a chance to win some swag.
      • Bell's
      • Dogfish Head
      • Fat Heads
      • Founders
      • Great Lakes
      • Mad Tree
      • Market Garden
      • Rhinegeist
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