• Flagship Event

      Beer & Chocolate the Cocoa and Hops Experience

        • Heinen's Downtown
          900 Euclid Avenue
          Cleveland 44115
      Beer and Chocolate Extravaganza -only 125 tickets available!In celebration of Sweetest Day Eve, Halloween and just because Chocolate is great, the Beer and Chocolate Extravaganza returns.The beautiful Heinens Downtown Rotunda hosts this fabulous showcase of craft beers from top breweries and artisanal chocolates. Meet brewery and chocolatier reps and enjoy this interactive, walk-around event while discovering your favorite pairings. Advance tickets are required at $40/person for 20 beer samples and chocolate samples. Proceeds benefit Malone Scholarship Program. Purchase Tickets" and then Beer and Chocolate Event to view breweries and menu. Sponsored by Heinens, Platform, House of LaRose
      • Alaskan Brewery
      • Blue Point Brewing
      • Breckenridge
      • Brew Dog
      • Devils Backbone
      • Elysian Brewing Co.
      • Founders
      • Golden Road Brewing
      • Goose Island
      • Great Lakes
      • Jackie O's
      • Kentucky Barrel
      • Lagunitas
      • Mad Tree
      • Market Garden
      • Platform
      • Rhinegeist
      • Sierra Nevada
      • Southern Tier
      • Stone Brewing Co.
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